This is 10 Thumbs Dot Org.

10 Thumbs Dot Org will be a place to collect the personal archive and life’s work of Mark Piotrowski.

Having lived in Gainesville, Sommerville, Chicago, Columbus and Tallahassee over the first 48.

Covering exploits in the various concerns of political activism, diy personal organization, graphic design, continuing education, fatherhood, husbandry, fantasy basketball and friendship.

  • Alachua County Labor Party
  • Center for Campus Organizing
  • Civic Media Center
  • DKC Indiana Pacers
  • Freedom Coalition
  • Gainesville Celtics
  • Listcore
  • Start & Finish

Design Work

  • Florida Education Association
  • PTRO design
  • United Design Workers, Local 149
  • Northwestern University Prosthetic Orthotic Center
  • University of Florida, College of Education