Start & Finish

I’m great at dreaming up projects, less good at actually starting them and pretty bad at finishing them. This will serve, for now, as the graveyard of ideas that never quite came to be (or came to be finished).

Maybe S&F can be is the incubator for Listcore. For a project to graduate from one to the other β€” regardless of completion β€” I have to invest in the concept and execution past a certain point (this is obviously semi-arbitrary, like LC 009) or get through about 30% of a the project (like LC 010).

S&F 0051 / Bullheaded list

List of all the things music/movies/books/shows that I’ve resisted, at this point in part, b/c they are so culturally (or sub-culturally) ubiquitous.

    • OK Computer
    • The Sixth Sense (I was wrong; I enjoyed it)
    • Harry Potter
    • Hamilton
    • cell phones πŸ™‚
    • Game of Thrones

And then as I finally see/hear/read them, seeing if I’m right or wrong about my apprehension.

S&F 0050 / Avett’s book list

What better gift to a child than to pass on the habit of obsessive/useless lists? Started a list of all the books A has read on his own β€” starting with chapter books.

S&F 0049 / Bandcamp rabbit hole

In 2018 I might alternate between music projects trying to finish 2: LC 001, LC 007 and this. I would make a standalone site/page where starting at some arbitrary place track some listening rabbit holes (new stuff, recommendations and or BC recs) and up/down it and embed the good stuff (like at the UDW site), which allows for repeated listens.

Suggested themes: Garfunkel (Norsen) or Simplent; Imbalance 2, Surburbia

S&F 0048 / NBA GM draft rankings

Updating and tweaking Jeff Goodman’s 2012 rankings.

S&F 0047 / Spin300

(c. July 2015) This list of 300 records is just begging for a Listcore project.

S&F 0046 / TV shows

running + ranked list of the full runs I’ve seen:

In progress/active

  • See
  • Better Call Saul (s1-3)
  • Blackish (s1-4.9)
  • Brooklyn Ninety-Nine (s1-6)
  • Modern Family (s1-11)
  • Sex Education
  • Key & Peele
  • Ozark (s1-2)
  • New Girl (s1-3)
  • The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (s1-2)
  • Fresh Off the Boat (s1-1.6?)
  • Atlanta (s1)
  • Glow (s1-3)
  • Broad City (s1-?)


  • Maron
  • Breaking Bad
  • Weeds
  • Parks & Recreation (in progress)
  • Parenthood (in progress)
  • Mad Men (in progress)
  • Six Feet Under
  • The Wire
  • Sopranos (need to finish)
  • Lost
  • Battlestar Galactica
  • Sex and The City
  • Flight of the Concords
  • Louie (in progress)
  • The Office
  • The X Files
  • Beverly Hills 90210
  • Freaks & Geeks
  • Arrested Development (in progress; never finished 2nd run)
  • Master of None

See also


To Watch?

  • Silicon Valley
  • Treme
  • Documentary Now
  • Halt and Catch Fire (?)
  • 30 Rock and/or Community

S&F 0045 / The 307 bands of Fest 11

(c. Nov. 2012) We didn’t get to go to Fest this year so I thought that I might do a more extensive research of each band (all 307 of ’em) β€” maybe try and hear at least one record from each. Rediscover some bands and find some new ones that I never knew.

S&F 0044 / Collected Works of Mike Patton

(c. Aug. 2012) During the 2012 CelticsBlog Draft I selected, after posting a video of Faith No More’s “Easy”, Mike Patton as Director of In-Game Entertainment. It got me thinking that if the diversity of sound in FNM’s catalog is any indicator, it might be fun to listen through the 30+ recording Patton has done across 7-8 bands.

S&F 0043 / 1001 Albums

(c. Aug. 2012) I came across this book in a used bookstore the other day and had a fleeting notion to listen to them all. Of course, the inevitable question is “Fine, you must hear them before you die, but does that mean you die after hearing all of them?” Then today while searching for album cover art for Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy’s debut album, I came across this guy’s 2000ish Albums blog. A man after my own heart. Maybe I can just read along instead.

S&F 0042 / My Fortieth Year

(c. Aug. 2012) It would be interesting to take a picture-a-day and write a very short bit about each day of my 40th year. Would make a nice companion to do again in year 52. (inspiration via jonathan harris)

S&F 0041 / Visit Florida’s State Parks

(c. May 2012) There are 160 State Parks in Florida (I’ve been to ~ 10 in the Northeast area + Torreya (west of Tallahassee) and a few down south). It’d be great to take Avett to see all of them β€” to help instill a love of nature and environmental stewardship.

S&F 0040 / No Idea project

(c. May 2012) Listen to the entire No Idea Records discography β€” via random number generator. (I should point out that 3 years ago I thought about doing a larger, combined randomized LC project with the collective discographies of No Idea, Sub Pop, Dischord, Jade Tree and Touch & Go. I think this was born from reading an article on a Chicago bus about the latter’s 25th Anniversary and/or demise and realizing there were many great records they put out. This was overambitious β€” as all great S&F/LC projects are, but No Idea + maybe 1 or 2 other labels (Dischord and Kiss of Death or Tiny Engines) might not be. )

Β Roughly Chronological (need numbers)

  • Soul music listening project
  • Forget: Cassettes (link)
  • Collection (inspired by Justin’s 500AlbumReviews.)
  • Almost everything (collection of writing/design work into a book or site-based TOC — inspired by Draplin’s poster)
  • Pitchfork Best of 1980s Rerank
  • New book covers (thought about copying honoring this idea
  • 2010 in CDs + Books + Movies β€” (c. 01-2010; Even made a site, but didn’t keep up with it. Once upon a time this was LC 007)
  • No Idea, Sub Pop, Dischord, Jade Tree and Touch & Go project
    (May 2012: NI-320, TE-16, DIS-175, SP-950+, JT-132, T&G-342, // Lovitt-69, Kiss of Death-84, Bakery Outlet-35, Merge-450+, Matador-968+)
  • 10-minute CD cover/day project (show the 4 i did)
  • Movies in 2008 (c. jan 2008) – created as LC 004 but petered out after less than a month
  • Songs: Molina (via Dan Pio’s Songs: Mountain Goats idea)

    • Danny Ainge Has a Posse (c. August 2007; site; should this be Listcore?)
      • I can’t see really ever reviving this now with my involvement in the DKC. Should archive here and delete Tumblr.
    • From the first post of a quickly-neglected site (c. March 2007):
  1. a daily photo site with my friend A in California β€” this would make the amount of daily/weekly work a bit more manageable, plus he and I have long talked of doing something collaborative.
  2. a quarterly(?) web-based publication β€” the goals would be to create and to practice design, a la Blue Fire Hereafter. The biggest obstacle I think would be producing/procuring content. But maybe once it took off I could get friends to submit. Though that went over like a lead balloon with the CD I made last fall.
  • Show Posters for each concert seen in 2007 (did 2 of em, just out of school; is this a design project or a S&F?)
  • Zine interviewing random folks about their life and work (chicago?)
  • Annual movie top 10 (chicago)
  • Student History Archive (chicago; early post-CCO)
  • Freedom Coalition history (Or was this officially born at the 10 year CMC reunion (c. 2003)?)

S&F 0003 / Towards a National Student Group

(c. 1995) Research project and paper that I started to write and probably got 70% through β€” which basically argued for starting a new version of Students for a Democratic Society. Toward a National Student Group was about 10 years too early, as SDS v2.0 would be relaunched in 2006.

Coda: I still have these materials in a dedicated box under our stairs. If the Freedom Coalition history ever gets written, I’ll probably try and include a draft as an appendix.

S&F 0002 / The Subway Series

(c. 1988-92) At some point my friends and I (this is 20 years before they became as ubiquitous as Burger King) ate a Subway quite a bit. When I would travel, mostly to heavy metal concerts or maybe a 2-day trip, I’d take a picture in front of the Subway we’d stop at. It became my “thing”. I’m sure somewhere along the way taking a picture in front of every Subway became a goal and/or seemed somehow possible.

Coda: I probably got up to 50 photos and probably have some of them somewhere that I’ll post if/when I find them.

S&F 0001 / My First Road Trip

(c. 1986?) I broke the country into a series of regions and started mapping out β€” on yellow pads where I’d sketch out the region & route after consulting a road atlas β€” a roadtrip around each region visiting universities, landmarks and seeing different towns. Universities were probably my frame of reference via college football and basketball. For some reason, this trip was to take place in an as-of-yet-unpurchased Isuzu Impulse.

Coda: I never took these trips as such, but I’m sure that the routes or sites showed up in some of my many travels (see: Listcore 003)